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20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor  Joey Adams | Vermont, USA

20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor Joey Adams | Vermont, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Spinning® Master Instructor Joey Adams shares his advice for creating rides, resources he likes to keep handy in his “instructor toolbelt” and his favorite home-style comforts he enjoys as a proud Vermonter.

1. How often do you teach each week and where?

One class a week is enough for me with my schedule, and because Vermont summers are so short, I usually take the summer off from teaching Spinning®.

2. What is a secret weapon that keeps your riders coming back?

I care about them, that is my secret weapon. I believe in the power of a relationship, you touch one person at a time.

3. What is your favorite part of being a Spinning instructor?

All the amazing people I’ve gotten to know over the years.

4. How do you get back on track when you over-indulge or fall behind with your goals?

I eat more dark chocolate!  Then, I take a deep breath and recognize I’m a person who is trying to do his best every day.

5. What do you eat for breakfast?

It depends, on weekends, I’m in charge of homemade pancakes and waffles – with the only syrup there is, Vermont grade-A dark robust. Other mornings, I make a protein shake, brown rice or quinoa.

6. Where do you get your inspiration for class themes, profiles?

All my rides come from the roads in Vermont. The terrain around here inspires me. Like everyone, I have my favorite loops, then I try to figure out how to put music to those rides.

7. How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like getting on the saddle?

My sister has Cerebral Palsy – as a brother of a handicapped child (now an adult), I am reminded every day that I can walk, run, ride and move on my own volition.

8. How have you had to shift your approach, coaching methods over the years or for different audiences?

Like any coach, I continually put new tools in my “instructor toolbelt”. The first step is to really listen and observe, to be present fully. Often, the answers are there. I just need to figure out how to speak an athlete’s language.

9. What’s your favorite ride profile?

A Vermont road - Seated Climb for the whole ride! Onward and upward!

10. What is your pre- and post-workout meal?

Joey-Adams-teacherPre-workout is grab and go because I’m usually up and working out before I go to work as an elementary school teacher. Post-workout is some form of vegan protein and some fruit (in the winter homemade jam from our berries).

11. Do you ride outside?

Yes, I even commute to work in 34° below. That was this year’s record. Talk about brain freeze! The bigger the winter storm, the more fun it is to ride – you arrive at work ready to go. It is better than strong coffee.

12. Favorite time of day to teach?

6:00 AM on Friday or a long ride Saturday morning. Those groups of riders are ready to celebrate.

13. How do you avoid fatigue?

Sleep hygiene. Once I crossed the age of 45, I realized that I needed at least eight hours a night. I was human.

14. Favorite fitness activity other than Spinning®?

In the summer, it is riding our tandem with my twelve-year-old son or fourteen-year-old daughter. Or chasing them on my single-speed cross bike over mountain-bike trails. In the winter, I’m behind them on the cross-country skiing trails. Somehow, they got fast this year – this motivates me all the more.

15. When not on a bike, what are your other hobbies?

Cooking–I cook with my kids every chance I get. We play with food a lot. Our version of a recipe is find a picture and make it, or when we go out to eat, we figure out how we can make it at home, but even better. We live the “localvore’, organic life as much as we can.

16. What is your full-time job?

I am an educator. By day, it is a gleeful group of third graders. By night, it is college students in business or education. Intelligent Fitness and Spinning are the icing on the cake.

 17. When to wear a chamois?

When to not? First, as a vegan, I can only where the fake kind of chamois...and only bib shorts.

18. What is a training tip or mantra that you live by?

“I can.” (It covers so many things!)

19. What is a perfect day for you?

Waking up, going for a long ride with one of my kids on the tandem. Coming home to pancakes and a huge smoothie, then going for a jump in a Vermont swimming hole – the colder the better. Ending the day with my wife over a cold glass of Vermont beer, we’ve been together since college...I hope I’m lucky enough for another thirty years!

20. Can you share with us an embarrassing moment from teaching a Spinning class?

Which one? There are so many! In fact, I laugh with and at myself constantly. There is always a little person on my shoulder that I swat away when he says, “you can’t do or say that," I do the things that scare me, I speak from my heart first, I follow the flow. And of course, on one longer ride, I left the headset on when I had to take a bathroom break and laughter and applause greeted me when I returned to the studio. They were not laughing at me, they laughed with me. I’m human, just like the people I ride with!