Archived Spinning® Quarterly

  • October 2009 - Making a "Giving": Teaching Spinning Classes to Deaf Cambodian Women
    When STAR 3 instructor Cori Parks opened the first (and only) Official Spinning Center in Cambodia, she did it not only to make a living, but to also make a “giving.” Read more about her decision to teach classes for young, deaf Cambodian women.

  • July 2009 - Four Ways to Earn More Revenue with the Spinning Program
    Fitness is a business and offering the Spinning program makes money. A bold statement, but true! Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities Spinning has to offer? Try these suggestions and see your numbers soar.

  • April 2009 - Dispelling the "Killer" Spinning® Myth
    You know the scenario. You tell your friends, family and members that your facility offers Spinning classes only to hear the immediate response, “Wow, I hear those classes are brutal." They tell you a few horror stories about screaming instructors and participants throwing up, and you immediately launch into damage-control mode, giving your “Spinning classes are great” speech. Sound familiar?

  • January 2009 - Introducing SPIN Fitness® Quarterly
    We are proud to introduce the launch of SPIN Fitness Quarterly, a new e-newsletter from SPIN Fitness. Whether you work at a small club or a large chain, SPIN Fitness Quarterly will arm you with news, facts, tips and tools you need to fuel your club's success and maximize your students' results.

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