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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I recently read an article on women?s health, discussing the top five concerns women should have but do not necessarily realize they should have. Topping the list was heart disease, and webmd states: ?Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women. In women, the condition is responsible for about 29% of deaths, reports the CDC.? The kicker in this statistic is that it?s not just death, but premature death/disability we?re talking here. Yikes. One expects to die late in life, but not in their 50s. Sad case in point: one of my students? mother passed away from a sudden heart attack on Mother?s Day weekend?she couldn?t have been more than in her mid-50s. So sad. *** cancer was another issues, with it being the most common cancer in women, and second to lung cancer as the leading cause of death among women. The list is rounded out with three other concerns for women: osteoporosis (think: hunched backs, back pain, and frailty), depression and autoimmune diseases. Now the last two I wouldn?t have necessarily pegged to put on this list?but that goes to show you why it?s of concern since even I, as a relatively educated woman, wouldn?t have been cognizant of it as a risk factor for my gender. Webmd states: ?According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), about 75% of autoimmune diseases occur in women.? Wow. That?s a crazy high statistic?for more info, check out: -June



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