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Too Much Spining® Class?

As much fun as one can have in a Spinning® class, is there such thing as too much?  This is a very open ended question.  There is no true right or wrong answer.  However, I will say this, if you are doing back to back Spin classes that take your heart rate into the vigorous zone (85% of your Max Heart Rate) for both 45 minute-1hour classes, then your nutrition better be up to snuff.

I recently had a conversation with a student in class who likes frail, and is certainly having a relapse to anorexic tendencies.  I spoke to her after class and told her that I am concerned for her health.  After speaking about the detrimental affects of overtraining and undernourishing, she shared that at the age of 35, she no longer menstruates, she see still sees a fat person, and she barely eats.  This is very common with the female athlete triad disorder.  This is common amongst young female athletes as well as some elite athletes.  When a woman suffers from the female athlete triad, she is usually dealing with an eating disorder, has no menses (period) and actually suffers from low bone density as a result.  This can devastate the body in the long run.

So, if you have any concerns about what the right program for you is, reach out to a qualified nutritionist and fitness expert and certainly come up with a viable plan.  If you're taking classes for 2 hours a day, you better be nourishing your body afterwards as well as before.  What are the right nutrients?  Post below and let's discuss!

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