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Teaching in Jamaica: Part One

Hello from Breezes Rio Bueno in Jamaica! I am here on a teaching vacation. I have been participating in these programs for eleven years and it is such fun. Though I am not teaching Spinning this week, there are a few resorts now that have bikes, but I generally come to go diving, so I'll teach whatever is needed. This trip I have been assigned Powerwalking and Aqua Aerobics. I did not know what I was going to teach until I arrived, so I had to come prepared for anything from Zumba to Yoga. There is another instructor this week who specializes in Yoga and Pilates, so she has those classes. The deal is I teach up to three hours per day and the rest of the time is mine. This, plus a placement fee pays my and my husband's stay for seven days. I never know what kind of room we will get, so I just have to roll with whatever is available. This trip, the standard rooms were full, so we were upgraded to a beach front room which included 24 hour room service. The catch was it was on the "Au Natural" side of the resort. I'm not a nudist, so that was a little discomforting, but I decided to be a big girl and handle it. The first three days were a bit cloudy and a little cold, so I had to really talk people into taking my aqua classes, but that is what generally happens on these trips. People want to relax and may not want to exercise, but it is offered none the less! The food at this resort is fabulous and the facilities are very clean, so we are happy so far and enjoying our stay. Wish you were here!



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