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How much do I love new students?

Yay yay yay! This week is ?demo? week at my gym. The time when all group ex classes are free, and when the ?resolutioners? have the chance to try new classes and get a feel for what it?s like to take a group ex class. It?s so exciting to see new faces, and to always try to encourage some of the students I advise to try out one of my Spinning classes. This past week, two of my students?Andrew and Adam?showed up in my Spinning Class. Andrew had promised ages ago to try one, and Adam just happened to be there and got suckered into it (ha ha!). First, I have to say, I always go harder when there are men in the room. I don?t know why, it just IS. I tend to go hard, to be aggressive?but having testosterone in the room just pushes me more?or maybe I want to work the men harder (especially as men always scoff at group ex classes, without realizing their intensity). Anyhow, the class was great?it wasn?t full because not all of the students are back from the holiday break, but we got a good workout in. Even though Adam had something wonky going on with his calf muscle, when I checked on him he remained determined to finish the class. I told him to go easy (always, my cautionary is ?Don?t injure yourself because then you won?t be able to work out!?) but I think he still went all out. Typical intensity of gym aficionados! Afterwards, Andrew sent me an email to say thanks?and to say he liked my playlist. Always a boon as it?s hard to create playlists that can appeal to a broad spectrum of students?.plus I often worry my taste in music isn?t hip enough for this college crowd. I also sent an email to Adam to check in on him, reminding him to take it easy?and his response made me smile?a nice compliment about my instructing style. Anyhow, KUDOS to these two fraternity boys for taking a chance and trying something new at the gym, and for being SUPER amazing studs and pushing through the workout. But?if they show up again, I think we?ll have to go even harder. After all, my gym motto is, ?Go hard or go home.?. LOL. -June



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