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Evaluation time!

Talking to my friend and fellow Spinning instructor the other day, she mentioned that she had just received an email from her gym?s management about evaluations being done. Their new manager had emailed all of them to mention that she?d be attending classes and evaluating each class from a ?member?s? perspective. I think it?s a great idea?though nerve wracking I?m sure. In fact, my supervisor is due to show up in my classes soon, to evaluate the classes I teach. Our facility will also get feedback from students about the classes?what they like and do not like. And, certainly, I?ll appreciate my manager coming in to do evaluations because she is certified in different areas, so she will be able to consider safety and contraindicated moves. Unfortunately for my friend, the person who?ll be evaluating her is not certified in any form of exercise (e.g,. Spinning, AFAA, etc) so I am curious how the feedback from the evaluator will help my friend out. Sure, she?d be able to comment on enthusiasm, music, personality, but safety is so critical to exercise classes that I am surprised she isn?t certified. But, to each their own! What have your experiences been with evaluations? Helpful or no? -June



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