SPINPower Program

SPINPower® Training: Innovation That Drives Results

The global leader in indoor cycling innovations, Spinning® is once again on the cutting edge with power-meter technology on Spinner(R) bikes and SPINPower® Instructor Certification. Developed by USA Cycling Elite Level Power Coach Angie Sturtevant, SPINPower® provides riders with real-time measurements of individual effort for greater training efficiency and performance results.

SPINPower technology tells riders how hard they’re working, allows them to measure progress and energy burned and tells them what fitness variables they need to change.

Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) Test Establish a baseline fitness marker and customized SPINPower training zones.

Post-Ride Data Analysis Monitor and evaluate progress, and compare results over time.

Power-Meter Technology Provides an accurate energy expenditure measurement.

SPINPower Console Displays Watts, Cadence, Heart Rate, Energy and intervals.

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Get SPINPower® Certified

Attend the one-day SPINPower Instructor Training to learn the principles of power and how SPINPower science-based training with Spinning power bikes help your clients reach their fitness and performance goals.

Highlights of SPINPower Instructor Training:

  • Learn the benefits of power-based training
  • Learn how to perform a Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) test
  • Learn how to develop customized SPINPower Zones
  • Learn how to create SPINPower rides
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Certification Details and Requirements

The SPINPower Instructor Training is open to any fitness or cycling professional for Certification or CEUs Certified Spinning Instructors may complete the online exam and earn the SPINPower Instructor Certification required to teach SPINPower classes. *

The SPINPower Instructor Training is pre-approved for 14 SPIN CECs and CEC/CEUs with USAC**, USAT, ACE, AFAA and NASM. Please contact your certification provider if your certification is not listed or if you have questions about eligibility and petition requirements for the SPINPower Instructor Training.

**USAC and USAT CEUs awarded By Angie Sturetvant only