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Time for the Strong at Heart

We are in full holiday mode for the next month. For most people that means shopping, eating and entertaining. What falls on the back burner is often the exercise program.

Some will rationalize and tell themselves that they will have plenty of time in the new year and eat another piece of fudge.

Not those that are strong of heart. This post is to honor the ones who stick to their plan no matter what the season. There may be some alterations, but those who are truly committed to the fitness and health lifestyle will find a way to continue their quests for health while still celebrating family and tradition.

I would like to challenge and encourage everyone to find a way to maintain at least a portion of your regular fitness schedule. Have an open mind: try some other time slots with different Spinning instructors, if the weather permits, take your workout outside, or invite your couch potato family and friends to a class as a Christmas gift!

Speaking of Chritmas, consider purchasing a Spinner bike for your house. I love being able to ride mine when I don't feel like making the drive into town to take a class. Another great affordable fitness gift is the Bodyblade. I take mine on a two mile walk and get an excellent core and upper body workout while I'm walking.

Whatever you do, have fun and keep fit!




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