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The magic changes from class to class!

So for one of my fitness classes, we are expected to display what they call ?fitness magic?. Sounds a bit hokey, I thought, but really?it?s talking about that special quality instructors have to engage students which keeps them coming back. And for when I teach this MMA inspired class, I?m ?different? from when I teach my other classes. Because it?s a trademarked program and I was working to pass my certification (which would involve supervisor observation and sign off), I was forced to be friendlier and sillier than usual. Success though?and let me share why I say this. The other day I tried out a step class. I went up to this girl who had been in my other MMA inspired class to ask her about how hard the step class was. In comparing?she said, ?Oh I have to tell you?I told my friend to come try your blitz class the other day, and said June?s so cute and funny in the MMA class, I?m sure the blitz class will be fine. Then I died.?. It made me laugh. To give you the gist: because for this certification I had to work on my fitness magic, I was less?errrr?punitive than I usually am. And she was totally gravitating towards the ?happy June? in the MMA class, not realizing that for each class I am a ?different? persona in a way, testing out what suits the mood of each style best. LOL. So clearly she was not expecting to see a bootcampish June in the other class?though she did great. But, in essence folks, this story to me meant that I?d been successful in being adaptable to the different nuances of each fitness class?truly another step in my fitness instructor journey! -June



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