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"The Biggest Loser" YES! ... Bob and Jillian are both certified "Spinning" instructors.

Hey Gang! It's Jim Germanakos. I'm one of the twin brothers who won Season #4 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser". We have been a SPINNING instructors since the WSSC in 2009, and although neither of us currently teach a scheduled daily or weekly Spinning Class, We have participated in many charity events, SPIN-athons,and special scheduled events, both together ans alone. We have nicknamed our classes "Twin-Spin" and always stay within the guidelines set forth in the SPINNING program. I personally love to Utilize 70's and 80's rock and roll music, and my classes have earned the nickname "Rock-n-Roll Spin". (Boston, Springsteen, KISS, Aerosmith, Queen, Kansas, RUSH etc). Because of my choice of music, I have recruited more middle-aged men and women than most other classes. (LOL). I personally own a "Star Trac - NXT", as well as a "Star Trac E-Spinner", which I counted on tremendously while recuperating from a serious injury I suffered last year, which was instrumental in my gaining a bunch of unwanted weight. (Not an excuse... just a reason). I tore my hamstring in my right leg, while playing football with a bunch of cops and firemen that I work with, and as I fell lame to the ground, I tore my quadricep tendon in my other leg. Many months of rest and re-hab followed, and thanks to my love of SPINNING, I was able to recoop much quicker by utilizing my Star Trac SPINNERS at home. Much criticism has been thrown at Bob and Jillian about their techniques during televised SPINNING sessions that are shown on the show. Rest assured that many of their techniques, such as removing the seat off of the bike during a last-chance workout, are done strictly for the benefit of the cameras. Both Bob, and Jillian are very knowledgeable personal trainers, and SPINNING instructors. As a matter of fact, Bob earned his opportunity on the show by being one of Johnny G's first Master Instructors, and was a very popular SPINNING instructor in Hollywood prior to the Biggest Loser Show's debut. Bob still has several weekly classes that he attends and teaches at, at "Crunch" in Hollywood. Spinning was a very important daily activity for us when we were on the Biggest Loser Ranch, and it still is one of the most consistent activities that all contestants do on a daily basis in their training. Comments? Questions? Criticisms?



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