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Group teaching?

I attended some cycling type classes at a gym in Hilo, HI when I was on vacation, and when I chatted with the instructors afterwards, they told me that basically, they team taught (with 2 instructors) most all of their cycling classes.

At my current club now, we often team teach (not spinning) other group ex classes as we find it a fun way to have camraderie on stage, and also, you've got someone to catch you if that choreography you've got mapped out just falls victim to brain freeze.  In the group ex type classes (this is an MMA styled workout), I adore team teaching because it allows for the showmanship of a team...but I have never been a part of that in Spinning more than a couple of times.

I was wondering about folks' experience in team teaching for are songs broken up, do you like it as an instructor--or as a participant--and if you do it, what type of prep work goes into it?  I found that the couple of times I team taught with my friend, I was more just keeping him company up front, versus teaching specific tracks; in the group ex class when I team teach, I actually step forward on stage to teach a part of the class while shadowing other times.

Most curious though, how do participants feel on this one? Yay or nay and why?




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