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Using Spinning Nation to Bring in New Clients

Spinning Nation is coming up in just a few weeks, and here?s what I?m hoping to use it for: Getting new clients. That?s right. I?m going to use a charity event to improve my bottom line. Don?t worry ? everyone who comes to the class still has to donate. But, the offering of a donation-based class can be a great way for someone to try out our studio without committing to a major purchase. We always offer first free visit ? but what if the client used their first ?visit? for some other class? This is a great way for me to push some of my non-Spinning clients towards Spinning ? and they can check it out for just a $5 donation. It?s a win-win. We raise money for a great cause, and I can promote my Spinning classes for those who?ve never tried it before ? plus I can promote that fact that our studio does things for a good cause! We?re a new studio, and won?t be the top fundraiser at Spinning Nation this year, but it?s a great concept, and a great service provided by Spinning. For us, it?s an event that creates and promotes community, gets us listed at with other great facilities, and offers us a nice bit of PR that we wouldn?t otherwise have. How are you making the most out of your Spinning Nation experience?



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