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Moving beyond our comfort zone every once in a while?

My friend Michael, who teaches Spinning as well, is one of my favorite people. The other day I was talking with someone who?d come to my Spinning class and said, ?Oh yeah, Michael! He?s crazy!?. This was in reference to the last Spinning class she had attended with him. When I went to Michael?s class this weekend, I mentioned this conversation and he laughed, saying, ?Who me?? But then he realized it was him because of the ride he?d recently taught. Apparently, once a semester he teaches one of those ?push yourself out of your comfort zone? rides. Because it only happens once a semester, people know it?s coming and can anticipate that there?ll be on time each semester where students are expected to push themselves?be it a little steeper climb, or a few more rotations per minutes. And, the clincher is this: it must be held the entire class. So every single interval is to be done at a more intense level than usual?hence, getting out of one?s comfort zone. Now, of course this is based on one?s own perceived rate of exertion, and everyone?s either honest or lying to themselves about upping the ante. Personally, I thought it was a great idea as it allows students to take a bit more control every once in a while, and push their limits more. I think most often we don?t realize how much more we are capable of and the only way to find out is to push ourselves beyond what feels ?safe and comfy?. -June



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