For Facility Managers Spinning

Know What's Outside for the Indoors

To be successful at running a SPINNING program, you need to leave your gym! Yep, get out! It's a common to spend too much time analyzing and tweaking your own space if you are looking at potential solutions to driving in more numbers. Sure, you need to know what is happening with your own program, but this is a daily activity. That's management. I'm talking about understanding what's happening outside of your doors! To keep your finger on the pulse of your program you need to know what drives other programs nearby or in other local market areas. You should be looking for the good, bad and ugly. You need to know the difference. Honestly, how many quality instructors have you seen teach outside of your team? I hope the answer is at least 3. Go to other gyms. Go watch the dynamic. Be a customer. See how you are treated, followed-up on and how they re-enlist you. Observe and analyze the instructors. This is huge. I have often found some fantastic instructors who were diamonds in the rough but their style just didn't quite fit where they were at. We give them a chance and BOOM, they are top shelf at our program. Industry current. Are you? Have you seen the NXT? How many other bikes have you ridden on? Like my other question, I hope your response is at least 3! This is a selling point, you need to know the differences. Do you know what other instructors and gyms are doing with hand positions, movements and class scheduling. You'll either find out what doesn't work or you may get an inspiration to do something better at your gym. The vibe. Check out the aesthetics of the SPINNING rooms of your competition. Color, lighting, sound, bike placement and overall feel create an image of your program. It's like walking into a model home or looking at a fashion magazine - you'll get some innovative ideas. Remember, you don't want to be old hat, you want to be on point! Take a long lunch break or leave early and make it a point to go visit what's going on outside of your own little world. It will be a positive experience. It may even quantify to you that you are doing a great job!



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