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My blog today is a little different. Instead of offering a coaching tip or a possible solution to a concern, I'd like to share an observation with you. Over the past year or so, I am noticing a trend with new instructors. I'm not here to praise or condemn it; I?m simply here to summarize it. Each week, more people are coming to orientations with similar backgrounds. ?I've been teaching spin (yes, they say spin) for a while and now my boss wants me to get certified.? When I hear that statement at the beginning of the day, it usually comes with an: I already know what I'm doing, so today is really a confirmation of my knowledge and ability vibe. I'm not saying they're not nice, I'm just amazed at how most instructors who haven't gone through the training process feel they've already mastered the movements and guidelines of the program simply because someone hired them to lead a group cycling class. When we reach the mid-day point, I always get some slightly-embarrassed admissions like: ?You know, most of the contraindications you discussed this morning are things I'm doing in my class every day. So are many of the instructors at my facility.? That's when I say, ?I'm so glad you're here today. It's great that the program is offering you some new insights. Hopefully, others from your facility will be encouraged to come too.?



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