About the Spinning Program

About the Spinning® Program

When we created the first Spinner® bike in a garage more than 20 years ago, little did we know that we were giving birth to what has today become one of the largest fitness programs in the world. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we're often asked what we believe is the key to our success and longevity. It's simple. We love what we do and believe that the most important part of any fitness program is helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their health and fitness goals. Regardless of your age, ability, coordination or fitness level, the Spinning program is designed to bring health and fitness to every lifestyle.

The foundation of the Spinning® program is the combination of our patented line of Spinner indoor cycling bikes and cutting-edge education programs that are taught by nearly 200,000 Spinning program instructors worldwide. The Spinning program is offered in over 30,000 facilities in 100 countries around the globe and has helped millions of people get into the best shapes of their lives. As one of the world's largest fitness education companies, we understand the importance of providing expert coaching and programs that are based on years of research and, most importantly, proven results. As a manufacturer, we are continuously improving the quality, design and functionality of our Spinner line of bikes and work tirelessly to maintain our position as the global leader in indoor cycling bikes.

The Spinning program is offered at thousands of clubs, studios and facilities around the world that are dedicated to providing each rider with expert instruction through our network of certified Spinning instructors. The Spinning Instructor Training Program is recognized worldwide as the leading indoor cycling program and #1 source of education and training resources for instructors. With over 20 years of research and development and a dedicated team of professionals, the Spinning program continues to evolve with new courses, events, class formats and programs.

In 2003, Mad Dogg Athletics expanded on our success in the club, studio and facility markets and created the first Spinner bike designed specifically for the home market. While our roots remain firmly planted in the commercial market, we continue to expand on our offering of bikes, programs and products that address the needs of the home market. Not everyone has a gym membership or can make it to class on a regular basis so we developed a series of DVDs that bring the excitement and expert coaching to individuals looking to get a great workout at home.

In addition to our commercial and home bikes, education and DVDs, Spinning offers a complete line of indoor cycling apparel and accessories created specifically for riding indoors.

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