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No, I really don't know what I'm playing in a few minutes!

A fellow instructor and I were chatting recently about a student in one of her classes. This student, prior to each class, would always go up to her and ask her what music she would be playing?.much to the annoyance of aforementioned instructor. It was interesting to me because I have been in a similar situation and could definitely empathize in a way. There?s something insistent when a person asks the question repeatedly, and it?s not always the case I know what I?m going to play when I get there. And quite frankly, if you ask me the same question before each class, it can get a little annoying?I play music! You know my general style, I don?t memorize my playlists because I might not have put them together five minutes before class, and in general, you?ll find that my style is always reflected in what I will play. So, as I talked to this fellow instructor, I empathized but also tried to speculate about why the student always needed to know?would they leave the class if they didn?t like the music, or were they also trying to just make conversation (and this was the way in which they thought to connect)? Who knows. Regardless, I told my friend that I was pretty sure it wouldn?t necessarily change, and there was really no way to say ?stop asking? without appearing to be impatient, or annoyed. Thus, I really just tried to steer her towards thinking that the student was just trying to make conversation, without being cognizant that asking this same question might be construed as ?pressure? by an instructor?but again, who knows? It?s all about one?s perception, after all! -June



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