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All this creativity? I can only handle moderation, but that's just me!

I heard about this studio in New York City whose Spinning classes not only cost $35 a class (my lord, if I lived in New York City, I?d never be able to afford to attend such classes-thank goodness I bought my own Spinning bike!) and additionally they offer their own little twist of cosmopolitan by holding the class in the dark, by candlelight. While I think this is a cute idea and such, I would be terrified of teaching in such a setting for fear of setting myself on fire or of a student setting themselves on fire. LOL. Perhaps the candles are strategically placed so that they are not near the bikes or on the floors so I?m letting my wary imagination just run wild. I?ve also heard of disco Spinning classes where there are strobe lights going, or where there?s a screen in front of the riders to simulate a terrain. Cool ideas, but I can?t imagine having such creativity in a Spinning class myself?I guess I am a bit old school in that I still just derive creativity from the music and choreography?but I like that the Spinning program offers us the chance to be a little more creative with what we do, depending on our individual creative spirits. -June



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