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2012 IDEA World Fitness Conference

I was honored to be asked by Peak to present the pilates sessions at this year's IDEA World Fitness Conference.  The energy at this conference is amazingly high, and the caliber of the students/teachers that attend is phenomenal.  True commitment to inspiring their clients, students, and the world to fitness oozes out of every pore, and is evidenced by the rapt attention, note taking, and effort of all attendees.

I have to admit that the brightest highlight, and there were many, was listening to Jane Fonda speak about her experiences as a pioneer of the fitness industry.  Truthfully, her book and video were the reason why I got into this industry myself.  I am going to allow myself to gush:  she is my idol.  I took about 25 cell phone pictures of her on-stage as well as on the jumbotron, which of course turned out like a big giant blob.  Oh well.  I'm still not erasing them.

The workshops that I taught began early on Friday morning...6:45am to be exact.  The workshop was Advanced Pilates Mat with Props...and these people rocked it!  I threw some really tough challenges at them...and they blew me away with their effort.  It was really inspiring for me to see that Pilates Mat is still alive and well, and being practiced to the advanced level!

 Another workshop that inspired me was Reformer Trifecta.  This workshop was intended to break down the intermediate/advanced reformer work to building block level in order to get students to understand the fundamental movements of each exercise.  It was amazing to watch each student develop understanding of exercises like Star and The Splits series, and progress systematically to the ideal of the exercise...and in some cases challenge the ideal.  There was one personal trainer in this class who had never done Pilates before, and had never even seen a reformer.  By the end of the session, this trainer had a big huge smile on her face...and told me at the end that she is going to register for Pilates Teacher Training as soon as she got home!

The enthusiasm and passion for the industry and the continuing education of these students is going to ensure the caliber of teacher that works in our industry...bringing the latest and greatest exercise techniques, as well as the latest and greatest teaching techniques for multi-level teaching to their clients.  We all need to find ways to Inspire the World to Fitness (which was the theme for the conference)...inspire all students...at all ages, no matter what level they are on...how fit they are...how limited they may be.  Peak Pilates teachers will be at the head of the pack!




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