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WSSC, can't wait until 2012

Another amazing WSSC has come and gone. Like so many of the others, this one was over so quickly. I already look forward to 2012. Hopefully, MDA will invite me back. I?ve stated it on this blog before, and now I say it again. My favorite part of the whole event is meeting and reconnecting with all of the wonderful instructors from across the world. I enjoy hearing about studios, classes, music, and participants. It?s an eye-opening and terrific experience to speak with all of these great people. Beyond those experiences, I enjoy connecting with MIs from all over the world. I met presenters from China, Mexico, Italy, and Poland. If time would have allowed it, I would have been happy to host an informal forum where people could ask questions about strategies, philosophies, and guidelines. Maybe next year, MDA will host a Saturday afternoon open forum discussion where current issues and concerns are openly discussed, and commented on, by the MIs.



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