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We have 20 Spinners® in our Spinning® studio. We have 2 gyms and each gym has 2 eSpinners® on the floor. When we first bought the eSpinners®, I regretted that decision because I would have preferred more bikes for the studio. However, I am growing to learn their value. Though we offer a very successful ?Introduction to Spinning® Class? session once a month, that does not always meet the needs of individual members so having the eSpinner® in the facility is very helpful. As you probably know, the eSpinner® has numerous options, one of which is to punch in the right combination of cues and end up with a tutorial or riding a class with Master Instructor Josh Taylor. (Hey, I pay big bucks to ride with Josh at conferences!) So, when I am approached by a newbie who cannot attend one of the Introduction classes, I suggest that they begin with a tutorial with Josh. But there?s more. Many of you readers and fellow instructors have ?ridden with Josh? as he is a familiar face and important part of the development and presentation of Spinning® training. He is also incredibly personable and compelling. His enthusiasm for and confidence in the training that we teach and coach is so genuine that it touches the participant all the way through the screen on the eSpinner®! Let me give you some examples. Molly is in her 60s, a past participant in one of my 8WWL (8 Week Weight Loss) sessions, and a personal training client. Though she is not actively training with me right now, we keep in touch by email and she updates me weekly about her training, progress or challenges. Every week I get at least one enthusiastic comment like: ?I rode with Josh again today?.? She then goes on to say how ?Josh brightened my day and, well, he?s so encouraging, he made me push a little harder than I thought I could. It was great!? Another 8WWL participant is a busy 30-something professional and finds it impossible to get to classes. I met her in the gym last night as I was leaving after teaching my 5 p.m. class. Renee said: ?I?m so glad you introduced me to Josh. Usually I would just go home after a long day like this one ? especially since I can?t get to class. Now I stop by the gym and ?ride with Josh?.? She then went on to say that her struggle with calf cramps is just about over. She has been following dietary and technique recommendations and has finally believed that her tendency to ride on her toes is the main culprit. Once again she gives Josh the nod: ?You know what he said? He said to pretend that I am wiping gum off the bottom of my foot! Isn?t that cool?? (OK, so I had been hammering her to drop her heel, to slide her foot along the green mat on which the bike is sitting, to relax her toes, etc. but, hey, whatever it takes?.I?m just not Josh.) MadDogg Athletics has done it again. Instead of simply referring an individual to a piece of equipment, we can refer them to an opportunity to train with a Master Instructor. Do you have an eSpinner® in your gym? Yes, they?re pricey. Yes, they do need attentive maintenance. But, they?re built on a good Spinner® frame, they?re packed with possible programs, they?re ever-present and on the job, AND, they have Josh. Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 4-20-2011.



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