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HP #3

I will be presenting another new workshop this year at WSSC entitled Hand Position #3. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what the main topic of our discussion will be, but you may be interested to know the range of themes we'll be touching on in the lecture and during the ride. We'll begin by agreeing on the proper look of HP #3. Not just the hands, but the entire body alignment as well. From there, we will move forward and define the unique symbols that use HP #3. We'll talk about the appropriate form and range of challenge options available for each. We'll also enter into a discussion of HP #3 and how it can be used during split-symbol profile sequences. As we focus on defining everything that is correct about HP #3, we'll also touch on the various contraindicated movements that some indoor cycling instructors promote through this hand position. We'll briefly discuss pushing the hips to the back of the saddle while standing, using HP #3 while seated, and attempting Standing Flats while using hand position #3.



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