Share the Spinning® Experience
Our Spinning® Instructors and Master Instructors are the heart and soul of Spinning. They deliver the Spinning experience day in and day out. We work hard every day to empower our instructors with the very best training, bikes, equipment, continuing education and ongoing support through our global SPIN® membership program. Our mission is to empower our instructors to give their students the best indoor cycling experience on the planet!

Become an Instructor
Our drive to create great instructors starts with the Spinning Instructor Certification, a comprehensive workshop led by a Spinning Master Instructor that includes practical and theoretical concepts and teaches instructors everything they need to know to become dynamic indoor cycling leaders. Get certified and start improving lives!

SPINPower® Program
The SPINPower® program is revolutionary, power-based training. Backed by an exclusive power-based training program from SPINPower® Program Director and Power Specialist Master Instructor Angie Sturtevant, this is your opportunity to be a part of the next movement in indoor cycling.

Continuing Education
Spinning® instructors are passionate and committed to continual growth and learning. We are dedicated to keep developing and delivering a continuing education program that is the most comprehensive in the industry. Read the current list of new, cutting-edge Spinning continuing education workshops. Maintain your certification status with continuing education SPIN® CECs. To renew your certification, you can complete an online recertification course and earn all the SPIN CECs you need.

Spinning® Program Instructor Network
SPIN® (Spinning Program Instructor Network) membership provides Certified Spinning Instructors with exclusive, members-only access to the resources they need to be successful instructors and industry leaders. Benefits include class design tools and SPIN® Profiles, music playlists, special SPIN member offers, access to professional discounts on continuing education, equipment, apparel, conferences and events at and our many SPIN program partners!

Find Workshops & Events
Use our workshop finder to locate Spinning® workshops in your area, access online learning, join us at industry conferences and tradeshows and preview our global rides events. Spinning® offers cycling Instructor Certification, Continuing Education, Online Learning and Events.

Spinning® Instructor and SPINPower® Instructor Certifications provide a comprehensive program to prepare you to lead.

Advance your skills and knowledge to add variety to your classes. Attend live two-hour and four-hour Spinning workshops.

Take advantage of a variety of courses in areas like heart rate training, class design, periodization, and weight loss.

Around the corner and around the world, you’ll find Spinning at major industry conferences, tradeshows and events.

Experience an epic journey and love your ride in any language at featured Global Rides events.

Spinning® Master Instructor Team
Our elite Spinning® Master Instructor Team leads workshops all around the world. They are the leaders that nurture and elevate the skills of our instructors—the faces, hearts and souls of Spinning. Spinning Master Instructors present at Spinning Instructor Certifications, workshops, conferences and events.


World Spinning and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference
Join us at the annual WSSC Conference and experience extraordinary Spinning® theme rides and workshops, see the latest indoor cycling technology and equipment, get exposure to premier fitness programs (Peak Pilates®, CrossCore®, Ugi®, Bodyblade®, Zumba® and Functional Training) and meet an international community of Spinning instructors and enthusiasts.

Instructor News & Resources
The Spinning instructor community speaks more than 25 languages and rides in more than 80 countries. Get news and resources that empower you to give your students the best indoor cycling experience on the planet. Read Spinning Instructor News, SPIN® Tips, SPIN® Profiles, music playlists, and more.