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Instructor Certification

Our Spinning® Instructor and SPINPower® Instructor Certifications provide a comprehensive program that prepares you to lead Spinning classes in any of the 30,000 Official Spinning Facilities worldwide. The Spinning® Instructor Certification is the first step to becoming a Certified Spinning Instructor. During the training, you’ll learn how to teach bike setup and safety, craft unforgettable classes, develop strong coaching skills, incorporate heart rate training and use techniques to enhance the mind/body connection and more! Advance to the next step and attend SPINPower® Instructor Certification. You’ll learn how to train and coach with power with this science-based training. To earn either certification, your final step is simply passing the Spinning Instructor or SPINPower online exam.

Continuing Education

Take your coaching to the next level with live continuing education workshops taught by our Master Instructor Team. Expand your knowledge and earn continuing education credits by attending Spinning® workshops that challenge and build your teaching skills. You’ll find interesting courses like: Energy Zone™ Series; Strength, Hills and Power, Heart Rate Training; Spintensity™; Creative Coaching; Music, Movement, Motivation and so many more.

Online Learning

Online learning and at Home learning provides Certified Spinning® Instructors a convenient way to access continuing education anytime, anywhere. Take online courses like: Recertification, Breathing Techniques to Enhance Performance, Heart Rate training, Class Design, Principles for Effective Weight Loss, Resistance Training for Spinning®, Spinning® for Kids and many others. Enjoy learning whenever you want and at your own pace while improving your teaching skills and knowledge.

Conferences & Tradeshows

Keep current with all things indoor cycling and join us at fitness Conferences & Tradeshows. We offer continuing education workshops and showcase our top-of-the-line products at Conferences & Tradeshows across the globe. If you like the connections and knowledge you gain at industry events, you'll also want to attend our annual World Spinning® & Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference in Miami!

Global Rides

Our Global Rides are heart-pumping, invigorating rides led by Spinning® Master Instructors and Certified Spinning Instructors from all around the world. These amazing events are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and attract thousands of like-minded people who also love the Spinning® program. Take a trip to new places, meet up with great friends and make new connections. You’re invited to attend our Global Rides and take your Spinning® journey to the highest level!
Spinning® Master Instructors lead instructor certification training and continuing education workshops at Official Spinning Facilities, Conferences and Global Rides. Meet the Spinning Master Instructor Team.

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