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Um...yes...I'm loud...but is that REALLY the only thing you can say about me?

Give me a moment to gripe here. When I talk about my fellow instructors, I try not to speak ill will, and as you can see from my other post this week, I am challenged when asked about other classes at my facility. Ones that I might have tried, but which just don?t appeal to me personally based upon the workout I am looking for. In that case, I try to be delicate about saying that for me, it?s not a good workout on certain days because I might be just looking for something different?or I might say it?s too dancey for me and I?m just not coordinated enough. In other words, I place the onus on ME as to why the class doesn?t work. Thus, I try to speak well of my fellow instructors because we were part of a team. I was particularly annoyed yesterday when one of the students I advise came up to me and said, ?Oh, I took so and so?s class, and she said you teach it too?and that you?re loud.?. WHAT? That?s all she said? That I?m loud. NICE. I agree to that, but I do kinda do other things well enough, or provide a good workout ? my attendance numbers prove that. But you know what, if that?s all you?re going to say, it?s kind of a crappy way (in my own opinion) to talk about people you work with?and frankly, I?m pretty peeved right now. Sigh.



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