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I was the youngest of 5 children all born within 7 years. My poor mom....when I was then raising my 2 kids, 5 years apart from each other, I asked her "How did you do it?" She always had one pat answer: "I didn't nurture you...I managed you." So not true, but I liked her self perception. I take it with me into the class, but with a twist. Classes are managed, people are nurtured. Today I only had 2 people in my class ( it is a pre-paid class which is part of an "iron-man package" training. I never expect more than 6 even though they already paid for the class - a few weeks ago, I blogged about how great it was to only have one client. Today I only had 2) I reminded them that because they're doing training almost every day, it is the programatic goal to keep the heart rate lower, rather than soaring. The one guy interjected that he was going to miss some training at the end of the week and really wanted to rider a little harder since he had finally figured it all out. I told him that that was his prerogative and I certainly had the playlist to do it. The woman got more of my focus. She is part of this package deal and at 38 is learning to swim. I've seen her - reminds me of myself a half a year ago, when 20 meters would wind me and I'd come up gasping for air, thinking that I had to be drowning. It's a "face in the water" thing that is usually tackled in the toddler bubble-blower classes at the local Y. Tough to manage as an adult because the ego kicks in, but she is determined. So as she struggled with her breathing in Spinning® this morning (who knew that people hold their breath while Spinning®?) I set her adrift on counting her inhales and exhales using her pedaling to count....I didn't want her to change her breathing, but rather just relax with it and keep it more 4 pedal strokes inhale, 4 pedal strokes exhale.... I could see her doing that then I asked her to start visualizing herself at the pool where we swim. Keeping it slow and even, she was to visualize the part of the swim stroke where she inhales, ear on shoulder, rolled on her side, stretching long and tall for glide, then exhaling,head low in the water, watching the tiles of the pool go by underneath. At the end of the class she felt great and couldn't wait to get to the next swim session. The guy? he thanked me for just letting him ride - I didn't talk to him for the full 9 minute song. I'm liking these smaller,more intimate classes!



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