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My anthem exists!!

I know so many of us have blogged about music before and there?s certainly something to be said about a great song. Something that resonates, gets you going and gets you hyped up for class. Well, folks, I FOUND MY GYM ANTHEM!! LOL. My gym motto has always been ?go hard or go home? ? and recently, I found a song that has this in the chorus. It?s one of those hard-rock, angry anthem type songs?think ?great fight song? and when I heard the line all I could do was marvel that someone out there had my personal anthem in mind as they wrote the song (haha!). But I wanted to write about it because the power of music is so incredibly important to strike the right mood for us as instructors. While admittedly I have been in a class where the instructor didn?t show and I jumped into teach (without my music) to ?house music? (think ?Blue Bayou? by the Carpenters, I think!) and we can certainly make a go of it with music we have at hand, there is something to be said about finding the right song for the right moment, to evoke the mood that you?re looking for that time of day. -June



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