April 2011

Spinning News
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Get Ahead of the Competition as an Official Spinning® Facility

Do you know all the fantastic benefits you automatically receive as an Official Spinning Facility? This section will highlight some of the key benefits each quarter. Read on to learn about how to post open jobs and photos on Spinning.com and receive great marketing assistance to help show off your facility!

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Grab a Hold of the New Bodyblade® Program

Spinner Blade

Sharpen your group ex schedule with the new Bodyblade program! The just-launched program provides the perfect complement to your facility's Spinning program and will introduce your members to a fun new challenge. Learn how you can bring Bodyblade to your facility today.

Plot Your Spinning Roadmap to Success


Create a unique identity for your Spinning program and help members find exactly what they're looking for. Master Instructor Doug Katona shares his tips on how to figure out where your Spinning program is headed, and how to help guide it in the best direction for you and your members.  

Keep Your Spinner® Bikes in Tip-Top Shape

Bike Maintenance

When was the last time you rotated the Spinner bikes in your studio, lubed the pop-pins, or polished the frames?  Bike maintenance is the key to a long life for your bikes, so here are just a few tips to keep your Spinner bikes in great shape!

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Learn New Tricks at WSSC


The World Spinning and Sports Conference is the perfect place for you and your instructors to learn new programming and marketing ideas from fitness industry leaders. Here are some session highlights that will help you learn how to retain members, keep your classes full, and help your facility be the best it can be!

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Upcoming Events

Join us in Miami for the World Spinning and Sports Conference! This is a great opportunity for your instructors to sharpen their teaching skills, learn exciting new programming, and work closely with Master Instructors from around the world. Plus, we'll be unveiling our updated bikes, including the brand-new Spinner Blade! Learn more or register now! 


Spinning will join the other Mad Dogg Athletics programs August 3–7 at DCAC in Washington, D.C. See the latest and greatest in the fitness industry and attend top-of-the-line sessions with top instructors at this 20th anniversary show! Learn more or register now!


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