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Introducing SPIN Fitness® Quarterly

We are proud to introduce the launch of SPIN Fitness Quarterly, a new e-newsletter from SPIN Fitness. Whether you work at a small club or a large chain, SPIN Fitness Quarterly will arm you with news, facts, tips and tools you need to fuel your club's success and maximize your students’ results.

Incorporating the Spinning® Energy Zones™ into Your Club’s Programming

Learn how incorporating the Spinning Energy Zone into your club’s programming can help your members improve fitness and performance, and at the same time, prevent overtraining and reduce the risk of injury, boredom and burnout from Spinning Master Instructor Sherri Crilly.

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Four Months to a Profitable Pilates Program

There is a reason why Pilates studios are popping up in almost every market in the country. It’s because if managed correctly, a Pilates program can be extremely successful. Learn the keys to success from SPIN Pilates® co-founder and Training and Education Director Marci Clark.

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Spinner® Bike Corner with Jeff Wimmer:
Bike Rotation

Ever notice during a Spinning® class that the most intense students are usually located in the front half of the room while the newbies are usually lurking somewhere in the back? Now take a quick look at the condition of your Spinner® bikes. Usually, the bikes in the front of the room are in rougher shape because the most hardcore riders hammer on them class after class. Over time, this dynamic can unevenly distribute wear and tear on your bikes.

By rotating your bikes from front to back and vice versa, you can increase the longevity of your equipment. You’ll also put bikes that are out of sight under your scrutiny and be able to catch squeaks and minor maintenance issue before they turn into a major problem.

Jeff Wimmer is a former professional cyclist, a certified Spinning instructor and one of the best bike technicians in the world. He has provided tech support and preventative maintenance to a host of top facilities in Southern California.

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