October 2012

Spinning News
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When Motivation Becomes Achievement

Motivation comes along when there is a desire to make a change. Whether it is preparing for an athletic competition, taking charge of personal finances, starting a business, fixing a broken relationship, losing weight, etc., there are many tools to use along the way to achieving your goals. Read on to learn more about how you can turn motivation into achievement from STAR 3 Spinning® instructor, Cori Parks.


Training for a Triathlon with the Spinning® Program–Part 2

Last month, Spinning Master Instructor Natashia Iacovelli discussed how you can use the periodization phases to assist in preparing for a triathlon, and applied them to Spinning® Energy Zone™ rides. In this article, she will review what particular sessions would look like for a personalized weekly plan and what each session could consist of with the inclusion of heart rate parameters.


Get 15% off the On the Go Backpack

Get your hands on the sleek and trendy Spinning® On the Go Backpack! This two-compartment backpack has room for cycling shoes, socks and all your other Spinning essentials. Or, use it as a book bag for class! Get 15% off now through 10/31 by entering coupon code ONTHEGO15 at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Are You Ready for Spinning® Nation?

There are only a few weeks left to register to be a part of the largest Spinning® event in the country on November 3, 2012—Spinning Nation. Spinning Nation is about bringing the Spinning community together to raise money for our wounded veterans. Our goal with Spinning Nation is to raise money to fund the implementation of Spinning Rehab Centers at U.S. military bases around the world, and we need your help! Register to ride at a facility near you today!


Facility of the Month: Phatty Nattie's

Phatty Nattie's, located in Fergus Falls, MN, is a brand new official Spinning® facility that focuses on the importance and motivation of working out in a group setting. Their goal is to create a comfortable environment in which the most fit individuals get a challenging workout, while the most unathletic individuals are able to get a kick start on fitness. The studio thrives on creating an unintimidating experience in which all participants feel a sense of belonging and personal success. When you take a class at Phatty Nattie's, there is no need to worry about keeping up—it's all about pushing yourself to your limits and doing what you can!

"Tears of happiness as I saw all of the support and felt the strength that resignated in the room!" said owner Natalie Knutson on the grand opening day of Phatty Nattie's. "I know that between my instructors and I, along with all of our support systems, that this community is on a mission to spread wellness!"

Click to learn more about Phatty Nattie's and get a free class pass under the "Special Offers" section.

Would you like the facility where you take Spinning classes to be featured in an upcoming Spinning newsletter? Enter your facility into the Facility of the Month Contest for a chance to win $100 to spend at spinning.com for you and your facility!


Spinning® Social Circle

Join us on our social media channels all month long as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month by giving you tips, facts and events that support the cause.

You are all a part of the growing Spinning® community, and we want you to be represented on the Spinning Community website! From now until the end of October, you can submit your favorite Spinning photos on the Spinning Facebook page to be featured in the Community Site banner!

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Upcoming Orientations

10/20/2012 Simi Valley
10/27/2012 Venice
11/3/2012 Santa Barbara
11/4/2012 Oceanside
11/10/2012 Oakland
11/11/2012 Reseda
11/17/2012 Venice

10/21/2012 Washington

10/28/2012 Naples
11/3/2012 Tampa
11/17/2012 Pinecrest
11/17/2012 Altamonte Springs

11/10/2012 Atlanta

10/28/2012 Hickam AFB

10/20/2012 Benton
11/2/2012 Lindenhurst
11/3/2012 Jacksonville
11/18/2012 Evanston

11/10/2012 New Orleans

11/10/2012 Baltimore

10/21/2012 Weymouth
11/4/2012 Boston
11/18/2012 Boston

10/27/2012 Chelsea
11/10/2012 Kalamazoo

11/3/2012 Minnetonka

10/20/2012 Florissant

New Hampshire
11/18/2012 Manchester

New Jersey
11/17/2012 Princeton

New Mexico
10/27/2012 Isleta
11/17/2012 Albuquerque

New York
10/20/2012 Schenectady
10/20/2012 Hicksville
10/27/2012 Oneonta
10/28/2012 New Windsor

North Carolina
11/10/2012 Asheville

10/20/2012 Kent
10/27/2012 Stow
11/3/2012 Cincinnati
11/10/2012 Dublin
11/17/2012 Cincinnati

10/20/2012 Philadelphia
10/27/2012 Philadelphia

South Carolina
11/10/2012 Conway

11/3/2012 Dallas
11/10/2012 Houston

10/27/2012 Burlington

10/27/2012 Newport News

10/20/2012 Mequon
11/11/2012 Milwaukee


Upcoming Events

On November 3, 2012, Spinning® will be hosting the 5th annual Spinning Nation event to raise money for the implementation of Spinning Rehabilitation Centers across the country. Make sure the facility where you teach is registered to host a ride and your facility could earn the opportunity to donate up to 20 Spinner® bikes to a military base of its choice! Learn more and register today.

Join Spinning at ECA Thrive on November 9–12, 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. You don't want to miss mind-blowing sessions with Spinning Master Instructors, including Josh Taylor's debut of Fighter Pilot. Learn more and register today.


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