July 2011

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Stretching Out After Spinning® Class  

A Spinning class isn’t over when you dismount the bike. Stretching is just as important as the ride itself and should not be underestimated as a necessary component of a Spinning class. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Cori Parks explains the many benefits of post-exercise stretch and how to do it properly.
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Stay Cool This Summer

Cool Off

Summer is a time for adventure and fun, but the hot blistering summer sun can sometimes affect your summer plans. Read more about how you can beat the heat with our tips to stay cool all summer long.

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Sizzilin' Summer Deals You Can't Resist!


There are less than two weeks left to save up to 40% on all Spinning apparel, including tank tops, jerseys, cycling shorts and jackets. Enter coupon code SUMMER11 at checkout to get an additional 10% off now through July 31.

Don't forget to take advantage of the special Spinner® bike blowout sale and save 20% on the Spinner Pro or Spinner NXT. Enter coupon code SPINNER20 at checkout to redeem this offer now though August 1. 

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Upcoming Events

Join us in Washington, D.C.! Spinning is heading to the 20th annual DCAC International Fitness Education Conference August 3–7. Learn from top-of-the-line instructors and unleash your inner animal with Josh Taylor in his 2-hour Animal: The Ride journey! Learn more or register today!

You don't want to miss this year's IDEA World Fitness Convention™ August 11–14 where you will have the opportunity to try out Mad Dogg Athletics equipment, including Spinning's brand new Spinner® bikes, the Spinner Blade and Spinner NXT. You will be entered to win cool prizes like a $250 gift certificate, T-shirts and a fitness package! Register today!

Work out with us in Toronto, Canada at canfitpro! This international fitness conference and trade show delivers cutting-edge workshops and programming August 17–21. Learn more or register today!

ECA World Fitness and Mad Dogg Athletics will be hosting the area’s most innovative and inspiring fitness convention, Boston Balance, November 2–5. With its comprehensive line up of world-class sessions from Spinning, Peak Pilates®, Bodyblade®, TRX®, Perform Better®, Savvier and many more, this event will challenge and inspire you. Don’t miss your chance to share your passion and be a part of this amazing weekend! Learn more and register today!

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Charity Events

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of September 11, hundreds of supporters will cycle 270 miles from Ground Zero in NYC to Boston. You can sign up to ride "alongside" the cyclists in a 2-hour indoor cycling facility challenge fundraiser called Beyond the Bike on Sunday, September 11, 2011. This event helps raise money for Beyond the 11th, a charity benefiting Afghan widows and children. Learn more or register today!
Mark your calendars for Spinning Nation! To honor our veterans, we're pleased to announced a new date for Spinning Nation, November 12, 2011. Check out the new website at www.spinningnation.org and stay tuned for more registration info!

Upcoming Workshops

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/14/11 Calgary

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/2011 Selma

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/14/11 Glendale

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 Coral Springs

Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/30/11 Carrollton

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 Chillicothe

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/14/11 Maywood

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/7/11 Weymouth

Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/23/11 Lexington Park

Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/23/11 Baltimore

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 California

Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/24/11 Moorhead

New Jersey
Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 Sparta

New York
Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/31/11 Southold

North Carolina
Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 Charlotte

Spinning Instructor Orientation
7/24/11 Cincinnati

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/6/11 Cleveland

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/13/11 Cincinnati

Spinning Instructor Orientation
8/4/11 Reston

Washington, DC
Spinning Instructor Orientation

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