October 2011
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Aerobic Base Building

The first step to reaching progress in your fitness level is to create a base of aerobic fitness, known as aerobic base building. Aerobic refers to the energy created using the oxygen system, and base building refers to building a base from which one can later advance from. Read on to learn more about how to build a solid aerobic base safely and effectively and the numerous benefits that come along with it.
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Spinning® Helps In Conquering Breast Cancer

The Spinning® program has changed the lives of millions of people around the world, physically, mentally and emotionally. In light of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we reached out to some of our friends and family in the Spinning community who have battled breast cancer and asked how the Spinning program has played a role in helping them stay healthy and fit. Read on to hear their inspiring stories.

Introducing the New Spinning® Grand Tour Program

Spice up your Spinning rides at home with the new Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Program. This new program delivers the thrill of the world’s most highly acclaimed cycling competitions! Regardless of your age, fitness level or ability, this program will challenge and inspire you to ride as if you were a world class athlete. With a periodized approach to training one cycling element each week, the program is varied, progressive and motivating. You will learn to use the Spinning® program and Spinner® bike to train for endurance, climb hills, ride a time trial, sprint, and even be a part of a team effort in a race. All of this will be accomplished within the safety and comfort of your own home. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the sport of cycling and for your own athletic abilities in this rewarding and challenging 8-Week Program.

Upcoming Events

You don’t want to miss the largest Spinning® event in Europe—Spinning® Experience October 22–23. Enjoy a full day of Spinning® workshops, followed by a 6-hour Spinning® marathon with more than 500 Spinner® bikes. Both days are presented by Spinning® Master Instructors Josh Taylor (USA), Eva Garcia (ES), Peter Pastijn (BE), Chantal Janssen (NL), Frank Smulders (NL) and Hans Hobbel (NL). Learn more and register today.

Last two days to register online for Boston Balance November 2–5. Mad Dogg Athletics and ECA World Fitness have teamed up once again to offer the most comprehensive lineup of fitness education sessions from the industry's top instructors. Prepare to challenge your body, stimulate your mind and find your balance with world-class sessions from Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Bodyblade®, TRX®, Perform Better®, Savvier and many more. Don’t miss your chance to share your passion and be a part of this amazing weekend! Learn more and register today!

Join us in Miami, FL at ECA Thrive November 10–13 for sessions from leading brands, including Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Pilatesstick®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball®. Learn more and register today!

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10/29/2011 Birmingham

11/5/2011 Oakland
11/12/2011 Long Beach

11/5/2011 Wilton

10/22/2011 Pensacola
10/23/2011 Boca Raton
11/9/2011 Ft. Lauderdale

11/6/2011 Albany

11/6/2011 Hickam AFB

10/29/2011 Des Moines

11/12/2011 Idaho Falls

11/12/2011 Converse

11/12/2011 Hays

11/5/2011 Wilder

11/5/2011 New Orleans

10/23/2011 Weymouth
11/3/2011 Boston

11/5/2011 Eldersburg

11/6/2011 Allendale
11/12/2011 Kalamazoo

New Jersey
10/22/2011 Piscataway
11/5/2011 Mountainside
11/19/2011 Princeton

New Mexico
11/12/2011 Las Cruces

10/22/2011 Minden

New York
11/12/2011 Hicksville
11/12/2011 New York
11/13/2011 Williamsville
11/19/2011 New York

10/23/2011 Fairfield
10/29/2011 Hudson
11/5/2011 Cincinnati

10/29/2011 Sarnia

10/22/2011 Philadelphia
11/5/2011 Harrisburg
11/19/2011 Delmont
11/20/2011 Delmont
11/20/2011 Philadelphia

10/22/2011 Beaumont
10/22/2011 Edinburg
11/6/2011 Bee Cave

Washington DC
11/12/2011 Georgetown University
11/13/2011 YMCA National Capital

10/29/2011 Madison

West Virginia
10/22/2011 Morgantown

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