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Raising the Bar with Spinning®

There are different options when it comes to indoor cycling certifications, but what separates the Spinning program from the rest? Cori Parks, STAR 3 Spinning instructor and certified Schwinn instructor, shares her experience.

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How Many Watts Do You Got?

Read about the latest technology for Spinner® bikes from The Green Revolution,  which creates clean and renewable energy.

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Fitness Fact or Fiction

No matter how hard you shake a Bodyblade®, the speed of the blade remains the same.

Register today for Spinning Nation 2010

Last chance to join the largest ride in the nation on February 27, 2010.

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Spinning® Charity Ride

Charity Marathon

More than 200 Spinning® fans participated in an eight-hour Spinning Charity Marathon at Official Spinning Center Fit & Fun Center in Slovenia on January 16, 2010.

Jure Robic (four-time RAAM winner), Jani Klemecic (1992 Olympic bronze medalist) and Judoist Saso Jereb participated in the marathon. Spinning fans from Serbia, Croatia and Italy were also in attendance.

The Asthma Society of Sport is a club that promotes importance of healthy lifestyles and physical activity for a better life with asthma. At the end of the marathon, Vitaspin d.o.o gave a Spinner® bike to one lucky winner, Katja Sirk.

The money from participants and donors (LEK, BTC) was collected so that 35 children from socially disadvantaged families will be able to send their children to summer holidays at Pacug Resort. The marathon was organized by Society of Asthma and Sport, Fit & Fun Center, Lony Sport and Vitaspin d.o.o.
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