Representing the Spinning? Brand

As a Spinning instructor, you are an ambassador for the Spinning program. Do you know what Spinning?, Spinner? and Spin? mean and how to use them correctly?

?         Spinning?: Spinning is the actual program and classes. It should not be used as a verb.
Right: I love taking Spinning classes.
Wrong: I love spinning with my friends.

?         Spinner?: A Spinner is a bike—and nothing else! A person that takes Spinning classes is a Spinning class participant or a Spinning enthusiast. Unless they have a flywheel and pedals, they are not a Spinner.
Right: Spinner bikes are the best bikes in the industry.
Wrong: I have dedicated spinners in my class.

?         SPIN?: SPIN (Spinning Program Instructor Network) is a membership program that offers discounts and resources to instructors. SPIN is also used in our brand names SPIN Fitness and SPIN Pilates.
Right: My SPIN membership gives me 20% off all Spinning, SPIN Fitness and SPIN Pilates products.
Wrong: Spin class, Spin bike, Spin instructor

Protecting the Spinning? trademarks is easy!

  • Registered trademark symbol: Use the ? trademark notice in all web, e-mail, printed materials and advertising.
  • Trademark Notice: Please remember to use the trademark notice on all web and printed materials: "Spin?, Spinning?, Spinner? and the Spinning logo are registered trademarks of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc."
  • Special Typography: Spin, Spinning and Spinner should always be capitalized.
  • Generic Product Name: Use the generic name "indoor cycling" in association with the trademark. For example, say “the Spinning? indoor cycling program” instead of just “Spinning.”

Why care about the Spinning brand and trademarks?

You’ll protect your investment. You are a certified Spinning instructor—a member of a team of the most highly-trained indoor cycling instructors in the world. You went through the 9-hour Orientation, you sweat through countless hours in the saddle, and you passed the Spinning Instructor Assessment. That yellow instructor card wasn’t just handed to you—you had to strive for it. Don’t let imitators cheapen your hard work.

By protecting the Spin?, Spinning? and Spinner? trademarks, you protect the integrity of the program’s name and the quality it stands for.

For a detailed overview of how to use the Spinning brand, check out our Trademark Handbook.

Still not sure? Contact us—we would love to help you!

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