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Find Success with the Spinning® 8-Week Weight Loss Program

Is this year any different, or would you like to lose a few pounds? Let me suggest a program that is tried, true and improved. The Spinning® 8-Week Weight Loss program may be the new approach to an old dilemma that will work for you as it has for many participants in the previous five sessions I led in 2010.

If the Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program offered the premise that all participants, regardless of amount of excess body fat and fitness level, would, in 8 short weeks, become lean and fit, it would be just another weight-loss scheme, another magic bullet, and another unhealthy approach to a rapid, short-lived plunge on the scale. But it isn’t.

Lucy lost 11.5 inches. Cathy lost 11 pounds. Julie was pregnant but gained an appropriate 3 pounds while maintaining the same measurements. Amy lost 5 pounds and 8 inches. Though stressful times previously caused him to overeat, Bill stabilized through the loss of a family member. Ed didn’t want to know his weight or measurements, but enthusiastically claimed that he felt “100 percent more fit” by the final session. Pat lost 2 pounds and 3 inches but was ecstatic to find herself not only enjoying but craving exercise. And the list goes on.

The 8-Week Weight Loss Program reduces facts about weight loss and healthy nutrition to a few common denominators, restructures these truths or rules into eight healthy habits and introduces these habits gradually throughout the first four weeks. By packaging some commonly acknowledged dietary facts in bright, new wrappings, the 8-Week Weight Loss Program gives us clearly defined tasks to practice each week. The more we reject old, unhealthy habits and choices and adopt new, healthy ones, the closer we get to making these changes our sincere choice. New habits are born and as we adapt to include and practice them, we watch our bodies become leaner and stronger.

The 8-Week Weight Loss Program is equally dedicated to appropriate exercise. Fitness can be increased only through training that is uniquely suitable to the individual. Spinning training is unsurpassed in meeting the needs of each individual participant at his or her level. Beginning with Endurance Energy Zone™ training and progressing weekly to include other Energy Zones, the program carries us through a thorough introduction to and reinforcement of Spinning training techniques.

Newly revised, the current 8-Week Weight Loss program utilizes excellent nutritional information while including in each participant’s manual easy-to-understand exercise programs and suggested Spinning rides to help each individual incorporate a well-balanced fitness schedule in his or her week. I love the first day when I hand out the wonderful, compact manuals, journals and other aids and see the immediate curiosity and excitement. It is bittersweet to note the discomfort of the participants as they weigh in and I take measurements or conduct the anaerobic threshold test, but this is an integral part of the program. We must establish a baseline and from that baseline each participant must believe in the measurable progress about to occur.

It is perhaps the emphasis on the fitness component that is most effective in the new format. Comments from my recent final session support this observation: “I came to enjoy Spinning training, which was a hope and a surprise,” one participant reported. “I came into the program knowing nothing about Spinning classes,” another said. “I was out of shape, a weekend warrior. Through the support of our instructor and the group, as well as the structure of the program, I have incorporated regular exercise into my work week. I’m very pleased with how much better I feel.” 

I suggest that this is a program for only 8 weeks. The choice is yours, of course, but if you expect results, you must buy into this program for the entire 8 weeks. By the final session you will have the opportunity to continue or to abandon the program. But for now, let’s get the job done. I also suggest that an appropriate amount of weight to lose is ½ to 2 pounds per week. So, we’re not looking for a massive weight loss in just 8 weeks. Once, however, the inches drop and the pounds begin to disappear, anything is possible.

Looking back on the past 8 weeks, my recent group realized that little things make a big difference. Handling the temptations of a holiday feast became doable when one participant developed her own “fill-up-the-plate-one-time strategy.”  With a look of surprise, another said, “Look at me!  I’m eating clementines and bananas and nuts and doing that deliberately!”  Rilla, who lost 5 pounds and 9 inches, said, “My greatest achievement is that I have become a person who likes to exercise and now that I’ve achieved that goal, I have set new ones. Discovering what I can do and figuring out what I want to do is helping me to become healthier and more fit, and also more confident.” 

After goodbye hugs, I was left with faith that this is a program that educates and coaches while offering hope, a sense of possibilities and a developing self-confidence. As one man said, “The Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program gives you the form or tools to succeed. Then it’s up to you.”

In 2010 I watched as nearly 50 individuals adopted new, healthy lifestyle habits and gradually began the journey to become the fit person they were meant to be. Can you do it too? Of course!
  Linda Freeman








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