August 2010

Spinning News
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Killer Cues

Create original, powerful cues for every Spinning class and you'll set yourself apart from the pack. Read on for Master Instructor Luciana Marcial-Vincion's easy ways to think up unique, descriptive language that will help push your students through even the hardest class profile.

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Raising the Bar


Retaking your Spinning Instructor Orientation is a wonderful way to obtain some fresh ideas and new inspiration to push yourself and your students to new limits. Read on for STAR 3 Spinning instructor Melinda Massie's experience.

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Spinning Nation

We're gearing up for Spinning Nation 2011 and we need your fantastic photos to help make our website even better! Share your Spinning Nation photos with us and we will select a few to add to the new and improved Spinning Nation website, which we will be launching soon. E-mail us with your best photos from years past. Stay tuned for details on Spinning Nation 2011, and let’s raise some money for our wounded veterans!

Upcoming Events

Spinning sails into Jamaica Sept. 25–Oct. 1 for the Fit Beach Fitness Conference. Take a fun-filled fitness vacation and join us for the 10th anniversary of this enjoyable event! Learn more or register today!

Don't miss the return of Boston Balance 2010! Spinning and the other Mad Dogg Athletics programs will meet up in Boston Oct. 27–30 for a vast array of educational sessions and challenging workouts. This is a fantastic opportunity to take exciting workshops from Master Instructors and other fitness industry leaders. Learn more or register today!

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Athlete Corner: Meet Derek Oskutis


During the last four years, I spent my time training with the triathlon team at the United States Naval Academy. Even though the school is located in one of our country's most beautiful cities, the elements that we had to deal with to prepare for our national championship race in early April forced us to train in some harsh conditions. More often than not, most of our cycling training had to be done inside due to snow, ice, wind and rain. However, our team made inside riding a lot more enjoyable and effective by working the Spinning program into our training. Our team room was turned into what we referred to as the "sweat chamber." All of us would huddle into the room surrounded by each other, a screaming coach, three industrial grade fans and a blasting sound system. On some days, we would have one of our team members, who is a certified Spinning instructor, lead some of our workouts. I believe that, even more than the great training, the team atmosphere we created in our Spinning room was one of the reasons we won multiple national championship titles. 

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Venice, CA

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Williamsburg, VA

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Cicero, NY

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design
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Sandwhich, MA

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San Francisco, CA

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Long Beach, CA

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Allendale, MI

Bodyblade Instructor Orientation
Houston, TX

Bodyblade Instructor Orientation
Salt Lake City, UT

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