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Pedal to Run Fast

Want to improve your long distance running performance? Spinning classes help you do just that. Learn how indoor cycling is a great way for runners to cross train.

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Training on the Bike

Make the most out of every workout with mindful training rides. Carefully scheduled workouts in the five Spinning Energy Zones™ may be your best bet for achieving your fitness goals.

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The New Spinning for Kids Online Course

The brand new Spinning for Kids online course has arrived at spinning.com!

Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Curriculum

Learn how to improve your triathlon students' performance from Olympic coach and Triathlon World Champion Siri Lindley.

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Spinning Fan Greg Martin, Firefighter and Pro-Mountain Biker

Greg Martin

I live in the snow country of Idaho and work as an Advanced EMT and Engineer for the Ketchum Fire Department. Spinning classes are the only way for me to retain cycling fitness through the winter months. My last outdoor ride is typically in November and I won't start cycling outside again until late March. Although I do take a bit of a break from the bike, I still am forced to get most of my "base" miles from Spinning classes in those winter months. I can't emphasize the benefits enough. A controlled environment allows for a much more precise workout and the results are obvious. After winning back-to-back 24-Hour Solo Single Speed World Championships, I think I'll stick with the program!


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