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Setting (and Reaching) Goals in 2010

Goal setting is an important method to build momentum, motivation and confidence as your students strive to make their new year’s resolutions a reality. What better time to share goal-setting strategies than at the start of a brand new year?

Here are some tips to help your students set and reach their goals:

• Create a journal. Recording thoughts and goals in a journal helps students reconnect with their purpose. By writing down their goals and sharing them with others, they are more likely to be committed. For example, your students can learn more about how they feel after a Spinning class and if they set realistic goals for the previous year.

• Form precise goals. Students should set goals that are specific and detailed. Precise goals such as: I will attend two Spinning classes per week.

• Set time-based goals. Set short-term (0–3 months), medium-term (3–6 months), and long-term (6–12 months) goals. It is important for students to break their goals down into smaller, more manageable increments. These short, medium and long-term goals give one the ability to reflect upon their progress and take reasonable steps toward goal achievement.

• State goals in a positive manner. Use the strategies of positive psychology when collaborating with their students on their goal setting. For example: I will be excited to have the medium-term goal of adhering to the prescribed heart rate zones in two classes per week.

• Be realistic. It would be unrealistic for a student to take two classes per day if they have a full-time job and family responsibilities in the evening. It is best to set realistic goals that are achievable, so that a tangible reward of success is felt once the milestone is achieved.


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