For Facility Managers Spinning

Owners/Managers: Please Take Classes!

If you are an owner or manager of a facility that has Spinning®, please get in there are take classes. It is a huge investment to provide Spinning® to your members and even if you have a coordinator who manages the instructors and program for you, make sure you know first hand what is going on in those classes. I personally have been a director for a Spinning® program for four years, and then returned to just being an instructor. I have taught at numerous facilities and as an MI for the Spinning® program, I do travel a great deal to gyms around the country and have heart to hearts with many directors and instructors in training. The main reason I am suggesting you to take classes if you aren't already is that over time, instructors and even directors can get way off base with the program to where it is not reckognizable any longer. The cueing changes, the format changes, the contraindications abound and the members think they are still getting Spinning® although it is actually like some version that caught a plague months or years ago and metamorphosed into something else. Instructors can get so territorial over their "own brand of indoor cycling" that they become impossible beings with which to work. An absentee owner or worse yet a director who doesn't have time to evaluate and thinks it will be okay to leave the decisions about safety and class planning in the hands of their instructors, is often sorely mistaken. Most instructors in the U.S. do not have degrees in exercise physiology, kinesiology, let alone biomechanics, or engineering. It takes those fields combined to really understand the hows and whys of indoor cycling. Instructors who have a Spinning® certification and have not updated it in years, or have just tried to learn new ideas from their peers are often mislead as to what is effective. Owners and gym managers should know what is considered contraindicated in Spinning®. Ask to read a manual from one of your instructors and you will see a list provided in the manual as well as the notion that anything not in the manual should be avoided. If you understand the program, then you will spot when an instructor s strayed off the path of Spinning® and you have the power to correct it, but only if you are visible through watching and taking classes. If you believe you have instructors who are doing their own thing, you can get assistance from MDA. Call 1-800-847-7746 and speak with Tony Berlant at headquarters. He can advise you on how to handle delicate situations.



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