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It's JIM from "The Biggest Loser"... don't forget to visit with Eric, Bill and I at noon on friday and saturday, at noon, during the wssc!

Many people asked us the question: What one advice would you give to the general public about pursuing an exercise program, fighting discouragement and staying motivated? My best advice is, again, to ask for help from professionals including a physician, fitness trainer, Registered Dietitian and psychologist. As for fighting discouragement and staying motivated, the best thing to do, in my pinion is to join or create a support system or group of others who are struggling just like they are. Join a weight loss contest or a weight loss group at work, or start doing group classes at work or at the gym. It is also important to set goals that are attainable, and reward yourself for small achievements. For example, rather than say that you need to lose 150 pounds, why not set a goal of 10 pounds. That way you can reach your goal, reward yourself and then set a new goal, say?. to lose another 10 pounds. Small steps to success are the only way to stay motivated. Consider that my goal while on the ranch was NOT to lose 180 pounds, but simply to stay above the yellow line so that I could stay another week on the ranch. Period. That way, the plan that I needed to work was one which assured not that I lost the most, but that I didn?t lose the least. As for motivation, we learned that those who stay fit and healthy are motivated by the same factors that motivate you to brush your teeth every day. Think about that for a second. If you brush your teeth, but don?t exercise every day, you need to ask yourself why. Both accomplish the same thing. So, why worry about keeping your teeth clean and healthy when you don?t care for the rest of you in the same manner. Ha! (Hey... I like that. Nice Jim....Nice. LOL) Hey!!! See you in three weeks at the 2011 WSSC!



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