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Here We Go Again!

Our facility is offering yet another Spinning® 8 Week Weight Loss Program series. Originally I had intended this to be a typical January solution to the annual New Year?s Resolution #1 of weight loss. However, to date, these sessions have been running nearly year round. We have segued into a really good thing and I?d like to share this with you. I have noted that for each series, the first class is the hardest, the longest and the one most packed with information. TMI, in fact! But, each time I lead this class and welcome new participants, I am struck by the enthusiasm and curiosity each brings to the session. This is very reinforcing for my own personal goals and purposes. Realizing that we are developing a community of ?alums? who are now friends and co-conspirators in their quest to maintain a good body weight and fitness level. I arranged for all previous participants to be able to join one of the following series of sessions at half price. It is REALLY working well! This session, for example, I have 6 newcomers and 7 returning ?alums?. Those who have participated in the 8WWL program have the benefit of familiarity with the assignments and expectations. They know what has worked for them in the past and what they will need to spend extra effort to address this time around. Some have achieved success while others needed to make changes and add a bit more dedication to their efforts. Couple the know-how of past participants with newbies, and you have a winning combination of folks who ask plenty of questions and share personal experience liberally. The 8WWL program is a journey. For many it is a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes we like what we find; other times we do not. But, because of the structure of the program, these 8 weeks becomes a catalyst for what lies ahead. As I have said before, it takes me 90 minutes to run each session as I want to be sure a substantial Spinning® ride is part of the training. It takes dedication by each and every participant. It also takes extra effort from the leader of the program to keep the information fresh and the challenge within grasp. What about your facility? Are you continuing to offer the 8WWL program? Appropriate weight, fitness and healthy habits are, after all, a lasting lifestyle. If we can help other with this, then, WOW! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for www.spinning.com 3-24-2011.



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