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Forgive me my soapbox friends?this weekend I drove up to my mom?s house, which is about 200 miles away. Usually, I try to be green and take the train but with this being Easter weekend, the train was far more expensive. As I drove and finally stopped for gas, I was shocked that prices ranged from 3.69 a gallon to over 4.00, depending on what state I was in. Living in the city, I rarely drive and probably had not fueled up my car in over 4 months?so this price change was shocking to me. But you know what, it made me glad to hear reports on the news about skyrocketing gas prices making driving long distances more prohibitive for some. I?m hopeful that it makes short range driving prohibitive as well since public transport can be easily found in some areas and quite frankly, with the onset of the spring and summer seasons, walking and biking are green and healthy alternatives to getting into a car that not only costs a great deal more to run these days, but also just serves to pollute. Nevermind the fact that there are so many health benefits to just using our legs for locomotion, to get ourselves from point A to point B, correct? -June



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