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I have just returned from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Convention in San Fransisco and what a show it was! I wrote a blog just before leaving for facility owners, so if you don't know what IHRSA is, you can check out that blog for an explanation; however, I am writing this one to let instructors know that Mad Dogg Athletics has a new Spinner bike that is redesigned to be even more like a road bike than previous models and it is called the "Blade." There was a proto type at the show and I had the chance to get on it for a few minutes and ride. I FELT MUSCLES KICK IN THAT WERE NEW!! The reason for that is that the Q factor is much more narrow than on any of the original designs of our bike. New technology has improved the materials from which the bottom bracket and the peddle spindle are made which is helping to allow for the distance between the two peddles (known as the Q factor) to be slimmer. This mimics the true design of a road bike and it allows the rider to fire muscles more appropriately giving him or her even more power than on other models of the Spinner bike. The foot and ankle have a truer alignment with the knee! What is also being created is a bike that will have the use of a Watts computer. The indoor cycling community as a whole has been heading in this direction for several years and everyone has been racing, excuse the pun, to get theirs to market. There has been one major recall as a result, with much embarrassment, to a large company I am sure most of you are familiar. Mad Dogg Athletics as a whole has taken their time and observed the mistakes other companies are making. This is allowing us to create the right type of watts computer that is not only effective but affordable. Look for a new bike with a watts measuring device to be released later this year. I can't tell you how proud I am to work for a company that not only started the indoor cycling craze, but has remained a leader in the industry and continues to improve upon an already great product. I love Spinning®; I love the people that run this company. We are here for you in every way possible. Written by master instructor Sabrina Fairchild for blog on 03/19/2011



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