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Interesting workshop discussions

I taught a Phase 2 workshop at MDA this past weekend. It was full of strong, experienced instructors. We really accomplished a lot during our four hour session. The more interesting aspects of the day to me were the diverse thoughts many of them had on the following topics: jumps, split-symbols, isolations, and music. Jumps are all always interesting to discuss. Many instructors continue to believe that the best way to communicate their intended pace during a jump segment is to count pedal strokes, so many up and so many down. I try to counter that thought process with a recommendation to first ensure that students understand the two basic movements utilized when jumping on a flat road before ever initiating a rhythmic goal or pattern for the participants to follow. Everyone agrees that split-symbols involve multiple movements. I try to encourage instructors to repeat their multi-movement sequences more than once before changing so students can practice their transitional awareness as well as their breath and body control skills. Isolations have long been discussed in the program. The presenter team does not support them nor do we find them physically beneficial or useful. It is interesting when instructors mention that they still do isolations at the request of their students. As I stated in the workshop, it is difficult to argue that class counts are how instructors are primarily measured by gym and studio owners. Higher attendance equals more pay, more classes, and more influence within a facility. Although I still don?t agree with the technique, I sympathize with the pressure felt by the instructors. As for music, as I said on Sunday: Everybody loves AC/DC.



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