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WSSC is almost here!

WSSC will be here soon. Now that May is just days away, I am already thinking about all the great things that will happen during my weekend in Miami. These are just a few things I know will happen: 1: I?ll meet and reconnect with amazing instructors from all over the world. Hopefully, one of them will tell me that they?ve been successfully practicing and using some techniques I discussed in 2010....and I'll appreciate that they let me know it. 2: Several people will give me names of songs and/or artists to look into and I?ll have every intention of doing it???but I?ll probably need to e-mail them to remember exactly what they suggested. 3: Someone will ask me why I still wear mostly black when I teach and I won?t have a good answer. 4: I?ll tell people in my workshops about the year end show that my preschool students are putting on and they?ll be polite about it because they?ll know how truly excited I am about how well my kids are doing. 5: I?ll enjoy every minute of the weekend and I?ll be sad to go on Sunday.



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