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Taking Baby Steps

am still recovering from microfracture surgery on my knee. It is the same surgery that Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians had last June. His story has been chronicled in the local news paper. Most recently, it was announced that he will not be ready for the season opener which occurs this week. I am six months behind him and almost twice his age so I guess I could expect the same type of recovery period. I was able to get off of my crutches nine weeks after surgery. Three weeks earlier, my doctor told me I could start riding. That meant I could start training for my race in June. Well last Saturday was the day my knee let me know that I was pushing myself a little too much. I had completed a difficult physical therapy session on Friday and I woke up with a knee that looked like someone had stuffed a softball under my skin. My doctor wanted me to come in and he said I didn?t injure the defect he corrected, but was most likely pushing myself too hard at therapy. With new orders from the doctor, he told me to resume my training and therapy. This experience has helped me grow as an athlete. I?ve learned that I need to take smaller steps in my recovery. The same principle applies to training. We often set our expectations high and then push ourselves too hard to achieve those goals. Along the way, we increase our training load to a level beyond what our bodies can handle. Often this increase can result in injuries or fatigue that will set our training plans back a few weeks. The lesson learned here is that I need to listen to my body a lot closer that I have been. I?ve been lucky that I haven?t had any serious injury or setback such as this in the past. So I pretty much didn?t know what my body can handle as I increase the intensity and volume of my training and therapy. My knee felt stiff on that Friday, but I thought it was because I was tired. I should have backed off the intensity just a bit. I now realize I have plenty of time to get in shape for my races this summer. I?ll just have to make those increases a little smaller each time. blog by Ralph Mlady for 3/26/2011



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