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A Few Quotes to Keep Your Wheels Spinnin'

I know, I?ve said this before, but I?m a sucker for quotable quotes. We have several bulletin boards at our gyms that I help to stock. One of them is dedicated to our Spinning® program. I posted the following quotes that I?d like to share with you. ?A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.? James E. Stairs, the Literary Cyclist. ?It never gets easier, you just go faster ?. I have always struggled to achieve excellence. One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle, it?s not going to be satisfying.? Greg LeMond. ?Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.? Mark Twain. ?Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.? Albert Einstein. Isn?t it interesting the different types of people that weigh in on the subject? How many have fond memories of childhood bikes? How many find that commuting to work by bike is merely an extension, or return to, days when kids rode their bikes to school? Recently I interviewed a cyclist who began his professional racing career in France. He said that in France, being active is just what they did. He talked about soccer and cycling. He said that when he grew up in France 30 years ago everyone played soccer and everyone rode a bike. Today he lives in a small town in Vermont and is still racing. In our town, one can randomly find unique sculptures made out of a variety of bikes and bicycle parts. At Christmas time, though we usually have plenty of snow, one can find typical decorations with a handful of sleds and bicycles strung with lights or ribbons ? perhaps an outdoor reminder of traditional treasured gifts to be found hiding behind the tree on Christmas morning. Did you ever trim a bicycle and practice riding it VERY slowly so you could participate in a 4th of July parade? Do you remember the sense of freedom and independence your bike gave you as a child? Do today?s kids enjoy these same advantages or are they snared by electronic stimulation? And, competition ? where is it? In it?s healthiest sense, it is the playing field upon which children learn to play the game of life. Well, topic for another day. Perhaps, however, we ride and we take Spinning® classes in order to fulfill promises made to us at an earlier time of our lives. Einstein clearly was no dummy. Scroll back to his quote above. Pretty good, huh? Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 5/11/2011.



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