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STAR Points
1.5 AFAA | 2 ACE

Two-Hour Workshops

Workshop format: lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride


STAR Points
3.5 AFAA | 4 ACE

Four-Hour Workshops

Workshop format: lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride

Continuing Education Workshops

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Two-Hour Workshops: 3 STAR points | 1.5 AFAA | .2 ACE

Workshop format: lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride.

Interval Energy Zone™

Perhaps the favorite Energy Zone of Spinning instructors and enthusiasts alike, the Interval EZ is where fitness gains really take place. After developing an aerobic base, interval training is a critical factor in improving fitness level, enhancing performance or even changing one's metabolism. This workshop defines three types of Interval EZ rides: aerobic, aerobic/anaerobic and anaerobic, and describes work-to-rest ratios for each. You will learn to develop ride profiles using workout progressions and Spinning language to create motivating, challenging Interval Energy Zone rides.

Strength Energy Zone™

Seated and standing climbs, the main terrains of the Strength Energy Zone, provide challenging muscular endurance work for the lower body. The cardiovascular system is also challenged in this Energy Zone because it includes both aerobic and anaerobic work. By learning to develop Strength EZ ride profiles, your students will soon be climbing with more power, strength and mental stamina.

Race Day Energy Zone™

A Race Day Energy Zone ride is a celebration and an opportunity to apply the consistent Energy Zone training you and your students have practiced to a peak performance effort. Race Day is not an everyday ride-it can be used as a monthly test to recognize and appreciate progress made and set further goals. It's the ultimate challenge. This workshop will teach you to prepare your students and create a safe, high-powered Race Day ride.

Strength, Hills and Power

As a Spinning Instructor, you're faced with the challenge of creating Spinning rides that produce real fitness benefits for your class participants. If you're like most instructors, your favorite profiles to deliver those results include hills and the Strength Energy Zone™. You know that climbing hills is a great way to build intensity, work large leg muscles and simulate the experience of a real cycling ride. In this workshop, we'll take your knowledge of hill climbs to another level. This course is all about improving your skill as an instructor through advanced techniques and the physiological basis for training on hills.

Rating of Perceived Exertion: It's More Than a Feeling

By combining RPE with heart rate training, you will help strengthen the mind/body connection during exercise. Become intuitive and discover your perception of reactions, sensory cues, experiences, emotions and symptoms of intensity.

Music, Movement, Motivation

Learn to correlate music and rhythm to each movement and elicit an emotional response to the music and the ride.

Four-Hour Workshops: 6 STAR points | 3.5 AFAA | .4 ACE

Workshop format: lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride.

Cadence, Heart Rate and Class Design

Understanding the relationship between cadence, resistance and intensity is key to coaching classes that meet students' training goals. Whether you use a cadence monitor on the Spinner bike or cadence counting methods, this workshop, co-developed by Mad Dogg Athletics and cycling expert Joe Friel, will help you correctly use cadence and resistance as training variables.

Creative Coaching

Gain innovative techniques to help students and clients boost their fitness levels. Workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of creating effective Spinning classes by considering populations, purpose, planning and progression.

Spinning Phase II

Take your skills beyond the basics and learn about transition profile design, advanced riding and teaching techniques and music selection for split profile designs.

Aerobic Base Building

Learn the key components, importance and benefits of building an aerobic foundation. Discuss the issues that Spinning instructors face when introducing aerobic training to their members and walk away with concrete ways to implement aerobic rides.

Heart Rate Training

Take an in-depth look at the five Energy Zones, effective heart rate training ranges and health-screening preparation. (This workshop includes a 75-minute ride.)

Spintensity™: Periodization

Learn and understand the benefits of using a heart rate monitor and identifying effective heart rate training ranges. Then take an in-depth look at how to develop a periodized training plan using the various Spinning Energy Zones.
Note: This workshop is required for STAR 3 instructors.

High Intensity Training

Applied correctly, high intensity training can beat fitness plateaus and enhance overall fitness. But too much of it can cause overtraining and burnout. Come learn how, why and when to use high intensity training, and more importantly, when not to.

Profile Designs and Heart Rate Games

Improve fitness by focusing on how the body responds to both rest and stress, as muscle cells rebuild to slightly higher levels after each cycle of effort and recovery. Enhance your training knowledge so you can help students achieve improved physiological adaptations. Learn new course designs, creative ideas, drills and techniques to use immediately in your Spinning classes.

Contraindications to the Spinning Program

Why don't we practice certain movements in the Spinning program that have become so prevalent in many other programs? Learn the biomechanical, kinesiological and even philosophical reasons why certain popular moves are contraindicated. Find other acceptable moves that will achieve the same goals, and discuss alternative ways to be creative.

Spinning Language and Visualization

Learn to communicate more effectively with descriptive images and metaphors to develop greater energy, confidence, focus and ability. Experience visualizations and language samples. Tap into your students' senses with vivid imagery and emotions that will jump-start their thinking.

Mental Training: Approach and Skills

As we develop fitness and physical abilities, we need to sharpen our mental edge for ultimate performance. Learn tools, techniques and skills to find a center with power, develop complete focus and practice calmness with strength.

SPIN® Flex

Does your class schedule need more strength? Resistance training is a necessary component to any fitness program, and a great complement to Spinning program training. But how do you combine a Spinning ride and resistance training in one class when space is tight and members are short on time? SPIN Flex is a combo class format that uses flex bands, tubing and dumbbells to train the major muscles groups, paying special attention to the upper body. In this workshop you'll learn basic muscular anatomy and physiology, and you'll practice plenty of exercises. You'll also come away with sample SPIN Flex class formats that you can teach right away. Some experience with weight training is recommended before attending this workshop.

Spinning and Core Training

Learn to teach Spinning and Core Training classes that your students will love. Core training develops strength and stability in the body's core, which translates to more cycling power, improved balance and enhanced functional movement. This entry-level workshop explains the anatomy and biomechanics behind core training and provides dozens of basic standing, mat and stability ball exercises. Plus, you'll receive SPIN® Core class formats to integrate into your Spinning program class schedule.

Spinning and Yoga

Adding Spinning and Yoga to your class schedule can give your program the update you've been looking for. In this workshop, you'll learn cycling specific asanas (yoga poses) that help elongate muscles, release tension, deepen the breath and improve posture. Plus, you'll receive Spinning and Yoga class formats to integrate into your Spinning program class schedule.

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