Ride Description: This profile contains many “breakaways”, where riders literally break away from the peloton and beat the fellow riders to the finish line. But it’s all about the timing! Go too hard for too long, and the rider may not see the finish line!

Submitted by Spinning® Instructor Michelle Colvin, United Kingdom

Track Number Song Artist Album Length
1 Blue Marine Krystian Shek Blue Marine (Remastered) 4:06
2 Walking on Fire – Bedrock Vocal Mix Evolution, Jayn Hanna Bedrock Classics Series 4 11:42
3 Narayan The Prodigy The Fat of the Land (Expanded Edition) 9:06
4 Absurd Fluke Risotto 5:49
5 Filmic Above and Beyond Group Therapy 3:49
6 Moments in Peace ATB Distant Earth/td> 4:38

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